Apple AR glasses

Apple is reportedly considering launching a more affordable version of the Apple Vision Pro. In addition, a product roadmap shared by a tipster suggests that the tech giant is exploring the possibility of entering another category: AR glasses that would be more practical for everyday use. The roadmap also mentions that a foldable iPad will launch in the same year as the smart spectacles, which is 2027. However, despite its ambitious nature, Apple has faced several setbacks and failures that have led it to abandon the development of some products.

Apple is working on AR glasses, but the technology for the chips is not yet advanced enough to support the product.

Apple announced several new products last year, including the Vision Pro mixed-reality headset, the iPhone 15 lineup, the Watch Series 9, and more. Recently, a leak has surfaced, providing insight into Apple's product roadmap for the next three years. The upcoming product lineup is expected to include the long-awaited iPhone SE 4, a foldable iPhone, a foldable iPad, and AR glasses. Additionally, Apple might unveil an iPad with an OLED display this year, and an OLED MacBook could be released in 2026.

Tipster (@Tech_Reve) recently shared about Apple's possible future product roadmap information on X. The roadmap includes several products, such as Vision Pro, an OLED iPad, an iPhone SE 4, a foldable iPhone, an OLED MacBook, AR glasses, and a foldable iPad. The iPhone SE 4, which is an affordable option, is expected to be released in 2025. Although earlier rumors suggested that it would be launched in 2024, the 6.1-inch OLED display and 48-megapixel main camera are said to be its notable features.

Apple New Product Roadmap

Apple reportedly plans to launch a low-cost headset in 2025; however, before the AR glasses become a reality, the company must first address the pricing of its current headset. Lightweight AR glasses require smaller batteries, which could cause a significant reduction in runtime, posing a challenge for Apple's engineers. Despite one employee claiming that the project was hopeless, the team continued to work on it to keep Apple CEO Tim Cook satisfied.

The main challenge for Apple in developing AR glasses is finding a chip that can match the performance of a current-generation iPhone while using just one-tenth of the power to avoid overheating. This process may take several years to perfect, so it would be wise to delay the launch of the AR glasses until all visible issues are resolved. Even then, there could be various setbacks that may push the estimated launch year of 2027 further into the future. However, we will keep you updated with timely information, so please stay tuned.

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