Google Gemini Assistant headphones


Google is working on bringing Gemini to headphones.

● Google Assistant currently turns on when using it through earbuds.

● Google may soon expand its powerful Gemini AI to other smart home devices.

Google recently renamed its Bard assistant to Gemini, with the chatbot/experimental assistant now slowly becoming available in other parts of the world. However, Google didn't say much about bringing Gemini to other devices like earbuds and headphones. That mystery may have now been solved, as new evidence suggests that assistant-powered headphones could be next on the list to get Google Gemini support.

A string found in the latest beta version of the Google app (v15.6) refers to the imminent arrival of Gemini headphones. As 9to5Google correctly points out, it is easier to trial-run the earbuds and headphones as users will also have the paired smartphone as a backup option. 

For reference, this is the line of code from 9to5Google that makes clear Google's intention to add Gemini support to compatible headphones: 

• <string name=”assistant_onboarding_bisto_error_message”>Gemini mobile app is working on expanding availability to make it accessible on your headphones</string>

The Gemini support page claims that many non-mobile devices, such as smart displays, Pixel tablets, speakers, and smartwatches, as well as "headphones and earbuds with Google Assistant built-in," will continue to be powered by the device.

Google Gemini AI headphones

Still, this string is a great indicator that headphones with Assistant will be at the top of the list of devices to get Gemini support sometime shortly. There will be some challenges with Gemini's audio-only form, especially when there is a long response to a user's query.

It's also worth mentioning that the Gemini still lacks some Google Assistant features. So even if new AI chatbots eventually come to headphones, people who currently rely on the Assistant to perform quick tasks, set reminders, or play their favorite podcasts won't be fully onboard.

Gemini hasn't even been live for a week, and Google is already making some changes and promising to improve the AI chatbot based on user feedback. It's not as perfect as we'd like, and the confusion over branding certainly didn't help, but the first few days have been impressive for Gemini.

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