The Best smartwatches for men in 2024,  From Apple to Android best smartwatch

The 5 Best Smartwatches For Men in 2024 – From Apple to Android: Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to choose from a variety of options when shopping for a smartwatch, especially when there are so many important factors to consider before you spend any amount on a wearable item. After all, you'll probably be wearing the device every day.

When considering which smartwatch is best for you, you'll likely look at the operating system, battery life, applications, features, and arguably the two most important factors: comfort and fit. While most smartwatches are designed for use by anyone and are not gender-specific in any way, many of the popular smartwatches can be very bulky and are designed to fit on the average man's wrist. However, with men in mind, we've found some of the best smartwatches for comfort, fit, and dedicated men's health features.

The Best Smartwatches For Men in 2024

Now let’s look at the features of the best smartwatches for men in more detail. So that you can check if any option suits your budget and requirements.

The Best Smartwatches of 2024: That You Can Buy – Top 5 List

1. Apple Watch Series 9

White Apple Watch Series 9 smartwatch

The Apple Watch Series 9 is the best smartwatch for your wrist, with rich app ecosystem health features. From measuring heart rate to blood oxygen and ECG monitoring to sleep tracking, it also tracks a good number of workouts and is one of the most accurate fitness trackers. The eSIM offers its own LTE connection and also supports Apple Pay.

The Apple Watch Series 9 features the all-new S9 chipset, which is 30% faster than the previous generation. This has allowed Apple to move all Siri processing to the device itself, making it even more autonomous. It lets you answer and end calls, stop timers, play or pause music, snooze alarms, etc. Just by double-tapping your thumb and index finger.

Last but not least, the screen brightness has been upgraded to 2,000 nits. This means that you will have no problem reading the display, even in direct sunlight.

Pros & Cons


● Too bright a screen.

● Siri responds faster to basic requests.

● The new double-tap gesture looks promising.

● The most accurate heart rate sensor in the industry.


● No big change at all.

● Battery life lasts only for one day.

● There is no round-shaped option.

● Works only with iPhones.

2. Apple Watch Ultra 2

apple watch ultra 2 in blue background

This is the latest, most expensive Apple Watch, and with good reason. This is the second version of the "Ultra" concept & perfects the robust Apple Watch experience. It offers the same long battery life and good ruggedness as its predecessor while borrowing some new hardware and features from the Apple Watch Series 9. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 now features the latest S9 SiP, allowing Siri on the device  & an improved Find Me function.

The new double-tap gesture is also present on the Apple Watch Ultra 2, allowing you to perform tasks with one hand by tapping your thumb and index finger twice. The screen brightness has also been upgraded and is now 3,000 nits, the highest we have seen on any not smartwatch.

Like previous models, this Apple Watch Ultra 2 is not for the average person but for divers, explorers, and professionals who need something reliable and robust that can withstand submersion underwater, extreme heat, or extreme cold.

Pros & Cons


● Strong premium design

● ultra-bright display

● watchOS 10 is a pleasure to use.

● The new modular Ultra watch face is cool

● Rich watch band options

● Better battery life than the Apple Watch Ultra


● The double-tap feature was not available at launch.

● Little or no change from the previous model

● Still have the same color option

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 in blue background

Samsung's Galaxy Watch line is Quite respectable as an Android-friendly alternative to the Apple Watch. The new Galaxy Watch 6 has a nice, premium aluminum and glass construction, yet it's conveniently lightweight. It is dust- and water-resistant, and it is also shock-resistant.

Running on Wear OS, this smartwatch covers all the basics, including plenty of workout trackers as well as sleep tracking, and plenty of great apps to choose from. So, this is a good fitness-tracking smartwatch for Android users.

Pros & Cons


● Sleek design

● Light and comfortable to wear

● Nice and bright OLED screen

● Finding the best-automated workout

● Not too expensive


● One-day battery life

● Heart rate tracking isn't exactly accurate.

● One-click band swapping isn't as easy as you expect.

● Watchfaces aren't as sophisticated as rivals.

● Sleep tracking has some quirks.

4. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

Samsung Galaxy Ultra 6 Classic smartwatch worn in one hand.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic uses Wear OS and is currently only compatible with Android phones. Samsung has decided to bring back the physical rotating bezel, so if you like that particular design, this model is best for you. Samsung also dropped last year's "Pro" model and returned the naming scheme to its "classic" ways.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic features a timeless watch design, dust resistance, and iP68 water resistance. It can monitor your steps, calories burned, stress levels, and body composition. It is exactly designed for adventurers and fitness enthusiasts!

Pros & Cons


● Sleek design with rotating bezel

● Big and bright display

● Very good battery life

● Excellent value

● Lots of features and functionalities


● The new latch mechanism is very stiff; swapping bands is a bit difficult.

● A bit big and heavy, not comfortable to wear at night.

5. Google Pixel Watch 2

Google Pixel Watch 2 smartwatch worn in one hand.

Google's second-generation Pixel Watch 2 improves in one key area with longer battery life compared to the original Pixel Watch. This is achieved through a slightly larger battery capacity, but an even greater improvement is due to the modern Qualcomm processor found at the core of the watch.

Fitbit developments include improved stress tracking thanks to cEDA measurements, stress management scores, and a skin temperature sensor. We now also have pace and heart rate zone alerts that can be set before the start of your workout.

One of the best features of the Pixel Watch 2, which even beats the Apple Watch, is the focus on security. The Apple Watch may appear in your Find My application, and you can share your location with family and friends, but it's a passive setting that requires people to physically check the app to find you.

Pros & Cons


● Better performance

● Accurate heart rate tracking

● Stylish design

● Advanced Security Features

● Small size, extreme comfort


● Limited customization of exercise details

● Still only one size

● The experience feels a bit monochrome.

● Complete health statistics require another subscription.

● Battery life is inconsistent and generally not great.

● Not repairable

What is the best smartwatch?

Our pick for the best smartwatches for men is the Apple Watch Ultra 2. It may be debatable whether the Apple Watch is the best smartwatch or not, but it's clear that the Apple Watch is the wearable to beat, especially for Apple users. The athletes and members of the best Apple Watch community have praised Ultra 2 to date.

If you're an Android user, you might like the Samsung Galaxy 6 Classic, the letest in the company's smartwatch lineup. If you are still unsure whether you need a smartwatch, we have the following useful article for you: Do you really need a smartwatch? In this, we will look at how smartwatches work, whether smartwatches are worth it, and how they can help you in your daily life.

Things to look out for when buying a the best smartwatch:

Design & Comfort: Check out the design and comfort of the smartwatch. Consider factors like weight and overall aesthetics. It should be comfortable to wear for long periods of time and should suit your style.

Display: Consider the display quality and size of the smartwatch. The larger display can provide better readability and touch controls. Look for a display with good brightness levels and vibrant colors for a better user experience.

Connectivity: Check the smartwatch's connectivity options. Most smartwatches connect to phones via Bluetooth, but some may also offer Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity. Make sure the smartwatch has a stable and reliable connection to your phone.

Sensors & Health Tracking: Determine the health tracking features that are important to you, such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, or blood oxygen level measurement. Make sure the smartwatch has the necessary sensors to effectively track your fitness goals.

Battery & Charging: Assess the smartwatch battery and charging. Look for models that offer a long battery life to avoid frequent charging. Also, consider the charging method (USB, magnetic, or wireless) and check if the charger has included features.

User Interface & Navigation: Test the smartwatch's user interface and navigation. The smartwatch should have easy-to-use controls and an intuitive interface. And some smartwatches have customizable additional buttons or watch faces for quick access to functions.

Compatibility: Check the smartwatch is compatible with the apps you use or plan to use. Make sure there is a good selection of third-party apps available for the smartwatch, such as fitness tracking apps or music streaming services.

Water Resistance: Verify that the smartwatches have water resistance. The water-resistant rating will protect the watch from damage caused by exposure to water.

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