Samsung 2024 QLED TV


Samsung Micro LED TV is the world's first transparent Micro LED TV.

● Samsung Micro LED TVs are available in 76, 89, 101, and 114-inch screen sizes.

● Samsung's Micro LED panels are transparent and also modular.

CES 2024: Samsung Unveils World's First Transparent Micro LED TV: Samsung has unveiled the world's first transparent Micro LED TVs at CES 2024. These TVs have a transparent panel that allows users to watch content through the display. This lineup has 76-inch, 89-inch, 101-inch and 114-inch screen sizes. Let us know about Samsung Transparent Micro LED TV.

Samsung MicroLED TV: Features & Specifications

The transparency of Samsung MicroLED TVs is achieved - through an innovative manufacturing process that prints micro LED chips on a single piece of glass, eliminating seams and reflections and giving the panel a glass-like look. In terms of design, the TVs are Quite slim, with a thickness of about one centimeter. Apart from this, the high pixel density of Micro LED makes it clear that the visible images are sharp and clear.

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MicroLED is a display technology that uses millions of tiny LEDs to Produce an image. Each LED is self-illuminating, meaning it doesn't need a backlight like a typical LCD or OLED display. Due to this, better photo quality is available with deep black, bright white, and better viewing angles.

Samsung ces 2024 MicroLED TV

Samsung's Micro LED panels are transparent and also modular. With this method, a TV of choice can become in any aspect ratio, shape, and size. This flexibility is perfect for Large scoreboards in homes and stadiums as well as commercial use. In Comparison to transparent OLED panels, the specialty of Samsung's transparent microLED displays is their high brightness, due to - which they are not affected by ambient light. The content Visible on the screen remains clear and crisp regardless of the surrounding light.

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It's worth noting that as of now, Samsung's non-transparent MicroLED TVs are - priced at $150,000 for the 110-inch model. This suggests that the price of the new transparent microLED display may be quite high. Initially, it will become a premium product that may not be affordable for ordinary users. Along with MicroLED TV, Samsung has also introduced its new AI-based 4K and 8K 2024 Neo QLED TV, S95D OLED TV, and updated Tizen OS.

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