Lava A5 2023 feature phone launched in india

Lava A5 2023: Domestic smartphone manufacturing company Lava has launched its new feature phone in the Indian market.The name of this phone is Lava A5 2023. Earlier, the company had introduced Lava A5 in 2019. At the same time, if we talk about the new feature phone, many great features and fresh design can be seen in it. It looks like the device can compete with the JioPhones available in India. Talking about the features of the phone, the battery provided in it will provide a backup of 4 days by charging it once. Let us tell you further about some of its other features.

Lava A5 2023 Design

The design of this phone is unique. The device has a small screen on the front and a QWERTY keypad at the bottom. The circular button in the center of the keypad has been specially placed for the torch. Apart from this, there is a VGA camera and flashlight vertically on the rear. At the same time, a powerful speaker has been kept equal to it.

Lava A5 2023 Phone launch in india

Lava A5 2023 Amazing features

• In this feature phone, the company has placed a Duo LED high-beep torch which will be useful in low-light areas.

• Apart from this, big icons have been placed on the keypad for easy visibility.

• Users get 4 days of battery backup in the phone. That means you can take this phone on a short trip without a charger by fully charging it once.

• Powerful speakers are placed at the rear of the phone, which will give you great sound.

• The keypad of the phone is dirt-resistant.

• The feature phone has a dedicated vibration.

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