Best Apps to Rent AC in Summer on a Budget


● Don't have the budget to buy a new AC?

● Get AC installed on rent today itself.

● These apps will help you a lot.

Best Apps to Rent AC in Summer on a Budget: Summer has started. With the gradual rise in temperature, fans, coolers, and air conditioners (ACs) will start running in homes. With the onset of summer, people have started getting the ACs installed in their homes serviced. If you are planning to upgrade the AC installed in your home or buy a new AC, then we are telling you the cheap way to get AC installed.

Nowadays, many companies install AC on rent. These companies install AC in the house per season or per month rent. Renting is much cheaper than buying an AC. Along with this, the servicing cost also comes down every season. Today, we are giving you information about some online service providers from where you can rent AC.

Best Apps to Rent ACs in Low Budget – Top 4 Apps

1. RentPeLelo

Rentpelelo is an online rental service provider. It is available in all major cities in the country. ACs are available on this platform at a rent of just Rs 700 per month. Along with this, a fridge, washing machine, house, car, bike, and other things can also be taken on rent from here.

Best Budget AC

2. Rentomojo

Rentomoto is also an online rental service provider. Rentomojo is also running its operations from all the major cities in the country. From this company, users can take split and window AC on rent. AC rentals are available on this platform at a starting price of Rs 1849 only. Along with AC, other home appliances are also available for rent here.


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3. FairRent

FairRent is also a popular rating service provider. Coolers and other appliances can be rented on this platform, along with AC. Window and slip ACs can be bought on rent here, starting at Rs 1575. Fairent offers service in 17 cities across the country.

4. CityFurnish

CityFurnish is also a popular company providing online rental services. It is also available in other cities, including Delhi, Gurugram, and Noida. Air conditioners are available for rent at a starting price of Rs 1069 on the platform. Along with AC, furniture and other items can also be rented from it.

Best Apps to Rent AC

These are also options

You can also contact your nearest AC rental service providers from local business listings like Justdial, Sulekha, OLX, and Quikr to buy AC on rent.

How to buy AC on rent

Before buying AC on rent, you should choose an AC rental service provider in your area. If the above-mentioned companies provide AC on rent in your area, then, first of all, you have to book AC. After this, you will have to deposit a fixed deposit for one season. Along with this, you will also have to pay the AC installation charges.

Not only this, if you are installing air conditioning in your house, then the company can charge you extra money for copper and water pipes. Service providers provide it at different rates. In such a situation, before buying AC on rent, get clear information about all the expenses from the provider.

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