5 Best wireless Mouse Under 1000 | Top cable-free mice

5 Best wireless mouse under 1000: There are many wireless mouse options available on the online shopping platform Amazon India. If you too are planning to buy a wireless mouse for yourself, then we have come up with some of the best options for you. Our list of the best wireless mouse will help clear your confusion. This list includes wireless mouse from entry-level to premium range. Here we are sharing the list of the Top 5 best wireless mouse under 1000 rupees for you.

List of 5 Best Wireless Mouse Under 1000

Logitech M221
● iBall Free Go G50
● Zebronics Zeb Dash
● Lenovo 300
● Dell WM118

Logitech M221

Best Logitech mouse in the world

Talking about computer accessories, the name Logitech is counted as a good brand. Logitech is known for its mouse and keyboards.  Logitech M221 Wireless Mouse can be a better choice for you. In this, users get a lag-free experience with a silent button and 2.4GHz network support. In this, you get 18 months of battery life.

iBall Free Go G50

Best wireless mouse in india

The iBall Free Go G50 is another good wireless mouse that can be bought online. Its design is quite compact. A nano receiver has been used in this, which hides inside when not in use.  Battery saving feature has been given in this mouse which improves battery life. This mouse has a back button along with a slock and left and right buttons. 

Zebronics Zeb Dash

Best Zebronics mouse in the world

The user gets high performance in Zebronics' wireless mouse Zeb Dash. This wireless mouse comes with plug and play system, which means you do not need any additional software for this. The response time of this wireless mouse is 2 ms and the range is around 20 meters. Along with this, the company claims that this mouse is durable, whose buttons the company claims have been designed to click 3 million times. This mouse has been introduced with 2.4GHz wireless connectivity. This mouse has four budgets and a scroll bar.

Lenovo 300

Top 5 Best wireless mouse in the world

Lenovo is also a better option, and whose 300 series wireless mouse is a better option. The USP of this mouse is its compact design and lightweight. The weight of this Lenovo mouse is only 60 grams. Not only this, the build quality of the Lenovo 300 makes it a durable mouse.  Regarding the built-in battery found in this mouse, the company claims that it offers a backup of about one year. 

Dell WM118

Best wireless Mouse Under 1000

Dell WM118 is an optical wireless mouse that comes with affordable pricing. 2.4GHz wireless connectivity is available in this mouse. The wireless connectivity of this mouse is about 10 meters. This mouse has been given a three-button design – left, right, and scroller. This Dell mouse is designed for long-term use. This mouse can be connected to Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems. This Dell mouse comes with direct plug-and-play compatibility. This mouse has a single AA battery which gives a backup of 12 months.

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