5 Best Samsung cheapest Keypad Phones


● These phones are for those people who do not want to run a touchscreen Smartphone.

● Such users who find it convenient to run Mobile Phones with Keypad.

● People who use the phone only for talking on calls.

5 Best Samsung cheapest Keypad Phones in the World: 5G Services has started in India. Airtel and Reliance Jio have started their service in some areas of the country and people have also tasted it. Of course, 5G has come in India but still, there is a large population of the country who prefers to run 2G Mobile Phones with a Keypad rather than a touchscreen Android Smartphone. These mobile users do not like to spend a lot of money on their phones and try to buy a good phone at the least cost. For such 2G users, today we have brought a list of 5 best cheap Samsung keypad mobile phones which can be bought for just Rs.1,400. These cheap Samsung mobile phones can last for a long time and satisfy the needs of the user.

Basic Mobile Phone

If there is someone in your family or acquaintances who is capable of operating a touchscreen mobile and does not even use the internet on the phone, then this keypad feature phone is the perfect option for such a person. These basic mobile phones are also very useful for the elders of the house who like to talk on the phone but cannot do much more than receive calls. Similarly, these cheap Samsung mobile phones can prove to be very useful for the hard-working brothers. These feature phones can be bought from any nearest mobile shop or retail store.

5 Best Samsung cheapest Keypad Phones in the World

5 Best Samsung cheapest Keypad Phones list

● Samsung Guru FM Plus

● Samsung guru 1215

● Samsung guru 1200

● Samsung Guru Music 2

● Samsung Metro 313

1. Samsung Guru FM Plus

As the name suggests, this Samsung mobile phone is specially made for enjoying music. 3.5mm stereo earphones can be installed in the phone, while the FM radio can also be heard on the speaker. The rich text of the phone's color display has been given, that is, every letter on the phone screen is visible very clearly.

Samsung Guru FM plus keypad phone specification

Samsung Guru FM Plus

This Samsung feature phone packs an 800mAh battery that can be charged via micro USB. This cable is also useful for loading songs etc. on the phone. This phone is currently available for just Rs 1,400 at Paytm Mall. Read Also: 5 Best TWS Earbuds under Rs 3000: know all the names of TWS

2. Samsung guru 1215

This keypad Samsung phone is available for sale in the market at a price of Rs.1,499. The mobile has a 1.50-inch color display which is made on a TFT panel. It is a single sim phone with 4MB RAM. 800 mAh battery has been given in the phone.

Best samsung keypad phone under 1500

Samsung guru 1215

You will be surprised to know that this mobile phone can run for 720 hours on a full charge. You don't need to calculate, we just tell you that 720 hours maths 30 days! This means a full month's holiday after charging once.

3. Samsung guru 1200

This Samsung mobile phone is available for sale in the market for just Rs.1,500.  With great build quality, this phone has a strong keypad, in the middle of which the navigation button is also present. This phone supports a 1.52-inch color display and is made on a TFT panel.

Samsung guru 1200 keypad phone price and soecs

Samsung guru 1215

This Samsung mobile has 4 MB of RAM and 8 MB of memory. This phone also supports a powerful flashlight. At the same time, after a full charge, this mobile can remain on continuously for about 500 hours.  It can be bought in Blue, Black, Gold, and White colors. Read Also: 5 Best Camera Smartphones in the World

4. Samsung Guru Music 2

If you want to enjoy music on a cheap phone, then this mobile is the best which is being sold at a price of Rs.1,999 only. This keypad mobile phone has a 2-inch color screen with a stylish button panel at the bottom. The Samsung Guru Music 2 can store up to 3,000 songs and can take up to 16GB of memory card.

5 Best Samsung Keypad Phones

Samsung Guru Music 2

Along with headphones and headphones, music can also be enjoyed on the speakers, which deliver powerful sound quality. Separate buttons have also been given to play and pause the song. It is a dual sim phone in which FM radio, MP3, and MP4 can be enjoyed.

5. Samsung Metro 313

Samsung Metro 313 mobile phone can be bought at a price of Rs.2,690 which comes in two colors Gold and Black. This phone has a 2-inch QQVGA TFT display with 128 x 160-pixel resolution, which supports 65K color depth.  This is a dual sim phone in which 2G GSM can be used.

7 Best Samsung cheapest Keypad Phones

Samsung Metro 313

The feature phone also has a 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth that supports FM radio, MP3, and 3GP video. This phone has a big battery of 1,000 mAh and also a memory card of up to 16 GB can be installed. Read Also: Nokia T21 has an 8,200mAh battery and 10.36-inch 2K display, Know full Details

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