Mustard Tempo Smartwatch Review: If you want to buy a smartwatch for less than 4 thousand, then today we have brought information about a new watch for you.  We are telling you here how our experience was with it.

Top Features

 ● health features

 ● sports mode

 ● display

Mustard Tempo Smartwatch Review

Mustard Tempo Smartwatch Review: If you are planning to buy an affordable smartwatch then today's article is for you.  Mustard Tempo smartwatch was launched a few days back.  Its price is Rs 3,999.  We have used this smartwatch for a few days and we are telling you here how was our experience with its health features, connectivity, battery.


First of all, talking about the design, we have got its green color and it looks good to see.  Its straps are made of silicone material. A little more work could have been done on the quality of the straps. Metallic frame is given. Watch crown is on the right side. Sensors are given on its back side.Overall, I liked its design. It has a 1.69 inch HD LCD display. There was no problem of any kind in viewing its display in normal lighting.But in high light, the brightness of the watch was less. There was no problem of any kind in viewing the display even while doing gym. Easily you can scroll the screen.


How are the health features:

All the features that are given in the existing smartwatches are given in this smartwatch.  In this you can measure SPO2. Also can monitor blood oxygen and heart rate. Apart from this, you can also track sleep.This is a matter of its health features. Now it is also important to know how accurate they are.These health features remained accurate to a great extent.  I compared the results of this watch with other smartwatches and there was not much difference between them.  But a problem occurred.After using it for a long time, many times it showed results at a difference of +/- 5.

Sports Mode and Watch Faces Also Available:

If you do gym or you are fond of exercising at home, then you will like its sports mode very much. More than 120 sports modes have been given in it, including dancing, yoga, cricket, volleyball, free training, jumping jack, jump ropes, aerobics etc. Whatever activity you do just select it on this watch and you will easily be able to track it on the watch. I haven't used all but some of its modes. Their results can also be called near to accurate.


There are many other features as well:

In this watch, you have been given many cloud based watch faces which you can use.You can also customize its watch face.You can set a different watch face for each day. Apart from this, this watch is waterproof. In such a situation, if you go swimming or sometimes go in the rain wearing a watch, then it will not cause any harm to your smartwatch.


Not only this, it is made of metallic body. This watch is very sleek.  In this, features like pedometer, 10 types of push notifications, remote camera, music control have also been given, which can be very useful for you.

How is its battery?

Everyone wants their smartwatch battery to last for days on a single charge. The company claims that the battery of this smartwatch lasts for 30 days on a single charge. Although, during my testing, it did not last for 30 days, but its battery definitely lasted for 24 to 25 days in a single charge. It was standby time.  After fully using the smartwatch, its battery can last up to 5 days on a single charge.

our decision:

Its price is Rs 3,999. By the way, there are many such smartwatches in the market which come at a lower price than this and are equipped with better features. According to the price, I did not find its features very appealing.

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